Our parent partners group at PUSCPS is a group of parents who work on a variety of projects throughout the year to benefit the children and the school. All parents and carers of school and nursery children are welcome to join.

At the meetings we are able to share ideas, concerns and developments that affect all children of the school with the management team. Members of our parent partners group are also required be involved in the stages of the interview process for a new Headteacher.

We have developed many different projects within school such as the Developing Young Workforce Week. The aim of this week was to capture the unique and varied skills, interests, knowledge and experience that parents can offer and share with the children. We are always looking into ways to improve the communication between school and parents.

The fundraising side includes developing ideas for activities, organising and running these events with the help of the management team. The Christmas Fayre held every year is our biggest event and is very much part of an event for the wider communities.  All monies raised at these events goes back into the school funds, supporting the children for instance, by subsidising school trips, the P7 prom, providing subscriptions for programmes such as 'Sumdog' and in a variety of other ways.

Meetings are usually held once a term though there may be more frequent meetings coming up to a school event or if we are required to act upon a specific issue. The meetings are held in the school on a Wednesday evening at 6:30pm although we are keen to make times suitable for all. If you are unable to make the meetings but would like issues to be raised by Parents Partners please email puscps.pc@gmail.com or hand in a note addressed to Parent Partners to the school office.

If you do not wish to attend meetings but would like to help at any of the fundraising events this would be greatly appreciated. A list of jobs will be advertised coming up to each fundraising event.

Please visit our blog for more information:

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